Consulting, Administrative & IT Services

At HAPCAP our Accounting and Administrative Departments work everyday to ensure our agency runs smoothly and our finances are sound. We are familiar with what it takes to keep an organization up-to-date and operating in an orderly fashion.

Both of these departments are prepared and willing to lend their consulting services to outside sources in need of assistance.

Accounting Department

Our Accounting department can provide support and services for:

  • Financial bookkeeping
  • Complete payroll services
  • The filing of payroll tax documents
  • The print and disbursement of all accounts payable
  • Monthly budgets
  • Account analyses
  • Support during financial audits of program grants 

Through our consulting services we have lent a hand
to the United Seniors of Athens County (USAC) for over 20 years!

Our Administrative consulting services can work with your organization to:

  • Ensure the smooth operation of your programs
  • Incorporate new ideas into your management system
  • Create an organizational structure to work best with your needs
  • Implement a reliable teamwork atmosphere

Our Information Technology (IT) consulting offers support and training services, such as:

  • PC hardware installation & troubleshooting
  • PC software installation & troubleshooting
  • Basic computer skills training
  • Training in Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office (all versions)
  • Basic Web Design – html, php, asp 

If you and your organization are interested in utilizing our consulting services please call us at:

Main HAPCAP Office
3 Cardaras Drive
Glouster, Ohio 45732