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Useful Forms

     NEW EAN (Excel) *Update 9/13/2017

     Time Sheet Template-Exempt (Excel) *Update 9/15/2016

     Time Sheet Template-Non-Exempt (Excel) *Update 11/14/2016

     Per Diem Requisition Template (Excel) *Updated 12/01/2018

     Mileage Sheet Template (Excel) *NEW RATE EFFECTIVE 1/1/2019

     Old Mileage Sheet Template (Excel) *2018

     *FMLA Application

     *FMLA-380E- Certification of Health Care Provider (Employee)

     *FMLA-380F- Certification of Health Care Provider (Family Member)

     *FMLA-385- Certification of Health Care Provider (Military Family Member)

     *Personnel Policies and Procedures (Revised 05/21/2018)

     *HAP Information Fund


Retirement Program


     *Retirement Plan Summary *Updated 10/01/2018


Health Care Program

     Call A Doc Program

     Standard Employee Assistance Program

     Standard Life Services Toolkit

     Standard Travel Assistance Program

     Disability Plan

     Group Life Insurance Plan

     Health Care Plan Employee Web Access

     *Health Care Plan Employee Web Access- Instructions

     *Health Care Plan Summary *Updated 4/1/2015

     *Summary of Benefits (summary of the above plan) *Updated 3/15/2018

     *Welfare Benefit Plan *Updated 01/31/2019

     *Summary of Benefits Coverage (what the plan covers and what it costs) *Updated 3/15/2018

     *Summary of Dental Benefits *Updated 6/2/2016

     *Glossary of Health Coverage and Medical Terms (definitions of commonly used terms) *Updated 3/15/2018

     *125 Cafeteria Plan

     *Flexible Spending Card

     *How to check your Flex Spending balance.

     *How to Utilize Your Health Care Benefits

     Medmutual.com - Find Providers in our Network

     Vision Plan

     Wellness Committee

     Annual Privacy Statement *Updated 3/15/2018


HAP Happenings

     Employee Newsletter-March 2015

     Employee Newsletter-June-July 2016

     Tech Tuesday Newsletter Archives