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We believe everyone we serve has a voice. We want to make sure you have the opportunity to share it with us. If you share your stories and ideas with us, we can then share them with the press and with our legislators to help change our nation's preconceptions and policies that affect people in poverty. You do NOT have to share any personal or identifying information in this process.

  Insert promoting Community Action appears in local newspapers... 

The Ohio Association of Community Action Agencies created an 8 page insert that appeared in local newspapers around the state.  View it here.

Ohio Development Services Agency Confidential Surveys (PY 2020-2024)

Community Development & Economic Needs

Supportive Housing/Homeless Needs

Consolidated Plan Housing Needs

Adjustments to Utility Assistance during COVID-19

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Call for Artist Submissions, 2020 County Resource Guides

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Surplus Vehicle for Sale

Request for Proposals - Engineering, Hope Drive

HAPCAP Strategic Plan Narrative

HAPCAP Needs Assessment, 2018-2019

Assistance Available to Help Ohioans Manage Energy Costs

Take a Stand Against Domestic Violence
Think You Can Survive a Month Living in Poverty? Prove It Here

The 2017 Athens County Community Challenge

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